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One act can change your life forever

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A Film by Matt Herron

Organic, powerful, emotionally authentic

The MungleShow @themungle

An unbelievable cinematic experience

high tension both on and off screen

Girl Geek Up North

Promises to take the viewer on a journey from beginning to end

challenging what constitutes a film

Mancurian Matters

Some real tension between two of the finalists

It’s raw, its fun and it has some amazing twists

The editing alone is something to be admired

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Sure to make any cinephile’s head explode

takes a unique look at the working actor

An innovative film

Filmmaker Magazine

blurring the lines of reality

Mancurian Matters

an insightful documentary drama

Girl Geek Up North

Trippy, is-it-a-doc-or-not

This film is amazing

Unseen Films
Lone Star Film Festival: Official Selection


Best Documentary

Is it a documentary or a straight-faced mock-doc that just look likes one? That's the question that will tease viewers of Matt Herron's inventive and ultimately dark take on what's supposed to be an audition of 100 actors for two roles. It's an impressive work; the editing alone is something to be admired.

Film Critic Cary Darling, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
Manchester Film Festival Official Selection Portland Film Festival Official Selection St. Lawrence International Film Festival Official Selection


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